Member (Iced) Tea Party

Member (Iced) Tea Party

At the home of Kristiann Schoening, Mercer Island (map)
Sunday, September 16, at 4:00 am
Free for members: RSVP here.


Please join us for a NWEGS member-only (iced) tea and musical gathering.

There will be performances of Grieg’s songs and piano music by the usual suspects, but we will also be opening up the floor, and piano, to anyone who would like to share a piece or two, by Grieg of course! If you would like to share, please include that information in your RSVP or email

We will have a raffle for a number of fun Grieg themed prizes in addition to snacks and cool beverages. One ticket per attendee comes with your RSVP, additional tickets will be $5 each and can be purchased at the door. Prizes include totes, magnets, CDs, a scarf & a house concert in your home!

This event is only for NWEGS members, as a benefit of your membership. If you  would like to attend, join us as a member for 2018-2019 here!

Vi se’es!