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  • We have several donation levels which provide benefits to the donors, including special donor-only events, pre-sales on concerts, newsletters and other perks.
  • You can donate and support us online and find our moreĀ here.
  • Contact Us to find out more about becoming a supporting donor.


  • We love volunteers! We are in need of people to help volunteer their time to support the NWEGS in our activities, from helping set up and usher concerts, as well as hosting receptions, to dedicated board membership and more.
  • Contact Us to find out more about volunteering.


  • Let us know if you enjoy performing Edvard Grieg’s music, or if you’re interested in exploring it. We will be planning many concerts in the future and would love to know who you are! Or if you have a complete project in mind, contact us to find out how we can collaborate or support your endeavors.
  • We are actively looking to collaborate with musicians throughout our region for virtual concerts while we cannot present live performances. Please let us know if you have a program you’d like us to support, promote, and/or collaborate on.
  • Contact Us to find out more about performing with us.