Events & Concerts

Want NWEGS to present or perform for your group, class or in your home?  Contact us!

We have presentations and performances based on specific topics or can cater to your requests.

Examples of workshops available:

  • Musical Pairings
    • Texts set to song by Grieg and other composers in a comparative presentation.
    • Performed by members of NWEGS, Laura Loge and Steven Luksan.
  • The Languages of Edvard Grieg
    • An overview of all the languages Grieg set to song, including Norwegian bokmål and nynorsk, Danish, German and English.
    • Includes a lecture recital performed by Laura Loge and Steven Luksan.
  • A Love Themed Concert
    • Love songs and piano pieces performed by Laura Loge and Steven Luksan.
  • An Introduction to Norwegian Lyric Diction
    • A workshop with hands-on guidance on the intricacies of the Norwegian language(s) for singing.
    • A review of repertoire for voice, song and chamber music, by Grieg and other Norwegian composers.
    • References and examples of the languages are presented with hard copies to keep.
    • Ideal for singers and classes interested in learning about Nordic music who may or may not have had experience in the languages or repertoire.
    • Led by Laura Loge. (More info on her expertise here)

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