Grieg LIVE!

Grieg LIVE!

Grieg Mini-Concert at Fremont Music Union 


Presented by Fremont Music Union  


Since so many of our other performances have been postponed or cancelled this spring due to the arrival of COVID-19 to our shores, we took the opportunity to perform a short concert while we still could in Seattle. Enjoy what we can offer here until we can get back out there spreading the love of Grieg’s music, rather than spreading the virus!

As you may be aware, with all performing shut down, arts organizations are using their creativity to keep the music flowing, but without direct ways to recoup our losses from not presenting live concerts. Please consider a donation or becoming a supporting member today to help keep us viable for the long term so we can hit the ground running when we all come out of this quarantine. If not to us, then support your favorite musician, music organization, museum, or other performing arts organization.

Thank you for your support. We hope this music brings you some comfort in these unprecedented times.

Featuring Northwest Edvard Grieg Society’s Laura Loge, sopranoSteven Luksan, piano performing songs by Edvard Grieg and Steven Luksan.

Laura Loge, soprano

Steven Luksan, piano & composer